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Pinzgau Goats - how cute is that?!

It’s impossible to imagine our mountain huts without the goats. They have long since become a permanent part of our farm and love to spend the summer up in the mountains with us. 

Aside from being cute, they also play an important role. We milk them daily. That milk is then used to produce delicious goat cheese, which is often incorporated into the dishes we serve to our guests.

In addition to that, the goats are constantly nibbling away at the vegetation, which keeps the grazing areas open, preventing them from being overgrown by trees and bushes.

The breed of goat we keep here is the so-called "Pinzgauer Ziege", which is actually one of the most endangered breeds of mountain goat in this part of the world. In fact, up to just a few years ago they were threatened by extinction. Now, however, a special breeding program helps to ensure their survival.

Video of goats establishing their "pecking order"