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Our Marmots

Our marmots are definitely very special and appear to feel right at home next to our huts. 

We brought them here in 2013. They now live in burrows close to the huts, which allows us and our guests to watch them from the terrace.

Because we have looked after them so intensively, they have become very trusting. Which means, with a little bit of patience you might well be able to feed them yourself. We only use almonds, which we supply for you here at the hut.

Please note that marmots try their best to avoid high temperatures, so they often withdraw to their burrows at lunchtime on hot summer days

But please also beware: Our marmots are wild creatures whose behavior cannot always be predicted. Please approach them with caution and care, and never with your dog!

In the realm of marmots | at the Galsterbergalm